Demo 2012

by Syntax

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released April 20, 2012



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Syntax Los Angeles, California

Evacuate the premises. Evacuate reality. In vain you've tried to make sense of it; here we are. We are the system that makes it happen. We are here to help.


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Track Name: To Forget
drain the earth for what it's worth
burn and scar all
the elements that once gave life
never meant to
to live forever in a memory
throw it away
destroying it
forgetting it
replacing it
Track Name: S I L E N C E
Stand in silence. Stand with silence. Become silence. Everything which I had hoped to share with you; I will take to my grave. Hopes, dreams, and everything in between; I will take to my grave. Secretion, Depletion, Deletion, Completion.
Track Name: Solace
father tree, so old and wise
you hurt me as i run the meadows
maybe its the faint sky above me
as pretty pictures melt away
maybe its the sour taste of spoiled earth
as i inhale
feeling every grit of sand
sand blasting every organ.
Track Name: Glitch
slave to a routine
that will never end
blinded by greed
to hide the truth
A network
to kill the concious mind and destroy human emotion.
mother fucker
giving orders
to complete
another day
for his dreams
cycle of shit
cycle of shit
power to enslave the human race
Track Name: Shape Shifter
one as i shift into
her desires
the sense
of absence as
im alone
I shape shift
friction slows and time flies by
with every hour into minutes
redlining till i reach the end
my vision blurs, my eyes tear
and the ties between us are forever broken
fuck the meaning of my exsistence
fuck the barriers that surround me
nevermind of the circuits
that divide us
for there will always be glitch in my direction.