Demo 2009

by Syntax

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Recorded @ Earth Capital, circa 2009


released April 20, 2009



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Syntax Los Angeles, California

Evacuate the premises. Evacuate reality. In vain you've tried to make sense of it; here we are. We are the system that makes it happen. We are here to help.


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Track Name: Elegy
Plaintive poem. Deteriorated veins. The taste of blood inside my mouth.
Track Name: Yinchorri Uprising
Ancient world taken over. You stubborn fuck. Extinction of my being.
Track Name: The Evacuation Plan
The story continues; although I do not know where it may lead. Find myself lost in this asylum I call my thoughts. Withering away like a leaf in the time of hallow. It's only a matter of time before I mutate and follow. A repetition, a nightmare of my own mistakes. Can't escape, won't escape. Will never run from all this pain.
Track Name: Shattered Teeth
melted faces on the wall. each one looks at me with awe. through the corridors, shattered teeth. the stench of death fetuses on the floor, crying for the whore.
Track Name: Empty Sky (Promise)
empty skies around me. ruins lost in eternity. empires fall along with their kings. what have I become? enslaved to greed. lie and kill false gods and emptiness
Track Name: The Myth of Sisyphus
Mindless repetition will always take my somewhere. Grey, Black, and white; my Aurora Borealis. Stagnance will ship me to a brave new world. Where empty promises give meaning to the hoards and lords pray to whores... And I will reign with a pound of salt in mouth and a silver spoon directly lunged into my heart